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  1. Cathy Burnett says

    I have never been to Branson before but I do have it on my “bucket list”. The Showboat is going to be one of the main things I see while there.

  2. Cathy Burnett says

    All of my life I have heard of Silver Dollar City and always wanted to go. I have yet to go to Branson but I plan to as soon as possible.

  3. Sue Ellison says

    The Branson Belle looks like it would be a lot of fun. My son’s Jr/Sr prom was held on a riverboat, it was awesome.

  4. Cori Mc says

    I’ve only been on a riverboat once, but it didn’t look anywhere near as fun as the Branson Belle. I’d love to take a trip and ride on this boat.

  5. D Schmidt says

    Read about Silver Dollar City and I like the look of the world’s first wood coaster to send riders upside down 3 times!

  6. Cathy Ferber says

    The Branson Belle looks like it would be so much fun. I am talking to hubby about going in the future

  7. Jen Rodrigues says

    That looked like a fun filled day and an awesome trip. Never been down south before or on a boat like that before. Thanks for sharing and with pictures!! :)

  8. Marisa Walton says

    What a fun trip! I always wanted to go to Branson with my grandparents. My grandpa is gone now, but I’d still love to go with my grandma!!

  9. Robin says

    I bet eating dinner on the boat reminds you of what it was like when the boats were up and down the Mississippi river.

  10. Candie L says

    Since we are season pass holders to Silver Dollar City, we get to go half price. The honey schnukums and I are going for our 15th year anniversary. Thank you

  11. Candie L says

    Guess I answered two questions at once. We love Silver Dollar City. They had an amazing promotion this year that if you were born in 1976 free season passes. Spouse qualified!!!!!! Thank you

  12. sharon says

    silver dollar city looks like a family friendly amusement park set in the old west. fun and maybe even educational

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