The jury is in…

Midnight in Austenland

I love it! Midnight in Austenland is so much fun! Although we are in the same setting as Austenland- the beautiful Pembrook Park- this is a totally different plot! I was curious to see what Hale would do with the pretentious housekeeper, our favorite Southern “English” buxom Miss Charming and the delicious (and possibly gay) Colonel Andrews. This was a total surprise- and delightfully so!! I have to say that I connect more with our new heroine Charlotte. She is wounded, lost and without … [Read more...]

Book Review!

So I have been reading young adult books and children’s books in an effort to collect some fun books for my girls. So far, my ABSOLUTE favorite author is Shannon Hale. If you have sweet girls from ages 8-16, these are the books for you! She is a wonderful author who seems to really understand that books for this age group need to be innocent and can still be very entertaining. I love her!! I highly recommend Princess Academy and all the Books of Bayern. (River Secrets is my favorite) I own all … [Read more...]