We’ve got a new website for you! makes any kind of sign you can think of! So fun! I made this banner for Halloween. It is great quality; thick and sturdy and it even comes with metal grommets. (I used 5,000 Blog Titles and Quotes to come up with a cute saying…) The color is beautiful, bright and true to what I designed. It’s also super easy- just upload your design (I made mine with MS Word, saved it as a pdf and uploaded it! So quick!) or use one of their design templates and … [Read more...]

Ghostly Halloween Tree


My girls have been asking to do a craft, and since I’m starting to put Halloween décor everywhere, it’s getting me in the mood for some spooky crafting! I decided to take a page from the Easter crafts we did and just make it Halloween-ish. While the kiddos were at school, I found a gnarly branch in the front yard, spray painted it black and stuck it in a pot on the front porch. When the girls came home from school, I had our stuff ready: a box of tissues, yarn (you could always use ribbon- … [Read more...]

Super Fun Origami!


I decided I wanted some girlie spring decorations in fun colors and decided that maybe I could find a way to make some cute little dress. So I searched youtube for some origami dresses, and here is what I found: This was the first dress I came across, it was the simplest to make and is my favorite. You can find it here.             The second is very 70’s and look like old pictures of my mom! SO fun! Here is the … [Read more...]