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loknstore Sometimes you have to store your stuff. One of the great things about storage company websites, including is that you can use a space estimator to help make sure you get the space that will fit your belongings without paying too much for a unit that is too big.  You can also get an instant quote so you can start planning to storage budget!

In my married life we have had to put all of our belongings into a storage unit twice. The first time we did it, it wasn’t too big of a deal for me. We were moving from Utah after we finished college, to California, specifically into my parents house which is why we needed a storage unit. We got the smallest unit we could that would still fit our things. We had that unit packed almost to the ceiling. I don’t know how we acquired so much stuff for having been in college. This storage unit was an inside unit, I thought it would be more secure that way. Turns out it wasn’t. There was about a 12 inch gap between the ceiling and the front wall of our unit. Someone decided to climb the wall, enter our storage unit through that gap and take whatever they could squeeze back out of that gap. I was mad that this had happened in a locked facility! I raised a stink and they eventually switched us to a storage unit right in front of a security camera and gave us a month of rent free. It wasn’t good enough compensation in my opinion, as I was not out every single CD I owned (this was in 2006 people!) and a printer as well as other little things, but I had no other choice.

With my second experience with a storage unit I was much wiser. I chose a facility with more security and I planned so that our things would only be stored for a month. This time things went smoothly and we didn’t have any issues.

Here are some tips for successfully storing your things:

  • Be honest and accurate about the amount of things you need stored. It is easy to think “I don’t have that much.” Really take inventory. You don’t want to unload your things into a unit that is too small only to discover everything doesn’t fit. On the flip side you don’t want to pay for a bigger unit than you really need.
  • Budget– Once you have determined how big of a unit you need, make sure you can afford it. Check your budget for this new added monthly expense.
  • Security – make sure the facility is locked behind a front gate. Check to see if they have security cameras facing all the units. Is there a guard there at night? Make sure you feel comfortable with the amount of security in place.
  • Location – Try to choose a storage facility within a couple miles of where you live or are staying. It is easier to transport your things when they are in a convenient location.

Moving an storing your things is a hassle no matter what the situation, but picking the right storage unit can ease some of the stress. Best of luck in your new endeavors!


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  1. Katie says

    Thanks for the reminder to be honest with ourselves…I have a whole room full of crap I should giveaway rather than hold on to!

  2. Maddie K. says

    The only warning I can give you about storage units is that storage units are usually harborers of bedbugs. We had a bunch of our items in storage and it ended up costing us over $1000 to get rid of them when we brought the stuff at home and several days later noticed the bugs. It was disgustng to say the least, not to mention expensive.

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