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How lovely and insightful is this poster? I love this so much I want to print it out and hang it on my wall. This poster really moves me for some reason. This is by far the BEST poster for a Disney movie I have ever seen!

Growing up I was not allowed to watch TV on Sunday’s, but there were a few Disney movies I was allowed to watch. Mary Poppins was one of them. I would usually rotate between The Little Mermaid and Mary Poppins. I love Mary Poppins so much. The songs are fun, the moral great!

When I was in college I had to read a famous person’s biography for an English paper. I chose to read the biography of Julie Andrews. To me she was a super star. Her movies were amazing, I love her and her voice. In her biography it was interesting to read about the filming of Mary Poppins from her point of view. It was interesting to learn about the things going on in her life at the same time Mary Poppins was being filmed.

I love the concept of Saving Mr. Banks because again, it is offering another unique perspective on Mary Poppins for me. I Love Emma Thompson so much. Her kid friendly films always have such amazing moral lessons. I enjoy having family movie night with her films.  I am SO EXCITED for this film. I can’t wait to watch her, and be impressed with the storyline. I think this unique Disney movie is going to be incredible and I personally am counting down to Christmas time for it’s release. Saving Mr. Banks opens in limited theaters December 13 and nation wide December 20.

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