10 Laundry Tips for an Easier Life


It’s probably safe to assume that doing the laundry is up there with your most-hated jobs around the home. But there are some ways you can make it a bit easier on yourself.

Wash your sheets and pillowcases inside the matching duvet covers, and then dry and store them in the same way. This will help to keep matching items together and save you lots of time hunting through piles of bedding to find the matching pieces.

You probably waste countless hours pairing up socks. Dispense with the ones you have, and buy new socks for everyone in the family that are the same color and style. No one can object to plain black socks, and removing all those irritating patterned socks will make your laundry life a whole lot easier. If you aren’t ready for a sock amnesty, give each member of the family a mesh bag in which to store their worn socks, and then wash them once a week safely zipped inside the bag.

If you really feel you have to iron, invest in a good quality iron. It’s worth the money to have the right equipment for the job, and a good quality iron is a great investment.

Invest in 3 laundry bins or a three-compartment laundry sorter, so that you can post your dirty clothes straight into white, coloreds and delicate piles. No more sifting through the clothes before you put a load on.

Stain removal

Forget expensive stain removers. A squeeze of lemon works wonders on whites, if left to dry in the sun. A mixture of dishwashing liquid, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can be used to scrub away stubborn underarm stains. Chalk is great for greasy marks.

Have a routine

Stop putting it off and watching the laundry build up. Find a time each day when you can throw a load in the machine (as soon as you wake up, ready to hang out after breakfast?) and stick to it. No more laundry mountain.

Look after your machines

Treat your washer and dryer like you would your car, and have them regularly serviced. Make sure the vents are cleaned every couple of months.

Doing the laundry is ideal when you have other household chores to do – put a load in the washer and you will have 40 minutes, enough time to make the beds, do some vacuuming or load the dishwasher. Don’t get distracted and give yourself a job to do that takes just enough time, so that you remember to hang up the washing when you have finished!

Get rid of unworn clothing and make space in your closets for the clothes you do wear to breathe. More space means less wrinkles!

Make a laundry space

If you have room, create a space for all your laundry equipment in one place, so that you have a dedicated workspace for ironing and folding. Make it look inviting with your favorite pictures and music to encourage you to use it!

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