Yard Sales Part 1

To get you in the mood for Yard Sale Season, I’ve made a 3 part series! Part 1 is a list of my top 10 fave finds (in no certain order)

  1. Dress Hanger  10¢
  2. Toddler bed $3
  3. Barbie Horses $1-$3
  4. Kids’ Dress Clothes 50¢ – $2
  5. Rocking Chair $10
  6. Dining Room Table and Chairs $80
  7. Dino $2
  8. Mail Rack   Free!!
  9. Barbie Castle $5
  10. Chairs $3 each






I make it a habit to hit the yard sales in the spring to get a jump on Christmas gifts for my kids. I can find a plethora of Barbies, Barbie horses and unicorns, my lil ponies, etc. This is only part of what they got last year and I only spent about $35 on all of it! Hooray! Everything was priced between 5¢ and $3. (The light-up unicorn was the most expensive!)






My sister bought her boys a really fun dragon castle. She was reluctant to pay $10 for it, but it had some little knights and it lights up, makes thundering noises and all the pieces move, so she indulged. When she got home, she looked it up on ebay and the cheapest one she could find there was $80! We just love a good bargain!


I buy a lot of kids clothing- usually priced between 25¢ and $1. I LOVE to find jeans since they are so expensive to buy new and kids grow out of them before they wear out. They are usually priced between 50¢ and $2. Three of my favorite church outfits are from yard sales: the green polka dot dress was 50¢, the skirt in the middle was $1, and the pink sweater and skirt was $2.


Make sure to tune in on Thursday for Part 2: Tips on Successful Yard Sale Shopping


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