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When we moved into our home in Kansas it had a pool (notice the word had, we excavated the pool about a month after we moved in). Nailed to our fence was a sign that read “Welcome to our ool, notice there is no ‘p’, let’s keep it that way.” We have been going to swimming lessons for a month now. I always go home and run straight to the shower. I can’t handle the feeling of nasty that follows swimming in a public pool! While this is on my mind I’d like to take a moment and give some lessons in pool hygiene and etiquette.

  • Do NOT pee in the pool! Use the bathroom before you head to the pool. If you have to go once you have been in the water, I know it is horrible to take off your suit to go to the bathroom but just do it! You are potty trained, the pool is NOT a toilet! Not only is it gross for others to swim in your pee, but if you think it isn’t also gross to swim in your own pee, you have issues!!
  • Walk don’t run. The area around the pool is slippery, so walk!!
  • Be aware of where your child’s face is compared to the water. If you are holding them so they can swim, keep an eye on their face. If they swallow too much water they will choke and  THROW UP which is just as gross as peeing in the pool! No one wants to swim in that and you don’t want to be drowning your child so pay attention!
  • Please, PLEASE wear an appropriate swimming suit. Even if you have a smoking body, don’t think that everyone wants to see it. I realize people like to wear bikinis (I have no idea why, and it is my feeling they are immodest and completely inappropriate) but you don’t need to wear the tiniest bikini you can find. Be considerate of others, save your skimpy bikini for your own backyard or somewhere private, not where it is forced on the rest of us.
  • If you child is not potty trained put a swimming diaper (there are fantastic deals on amazon.com) on the child! This relates to my first point. Obviously if a child is not potty trained, their chances of peeing in the pool are greater, so put a swimming diaper on the child and decrease the nastiness of that!
  • Wear your sunscreen! I know some people think having a tan is super great and necessary to live, but, SPOILER ALERT, it isn’t! Gasp! Coming from someone who had her first skin cancer removed when she was 23, I know ( and I’m bitter because I have always hated the sun)! Put your high SPF sunscreen on when outside! It is better to have lighter skin than to have skin cancer!

Now that you have read my tips I hope you have a fantastic swimming season this summer! Be careful out there!

Any tips you think should be added to the list? I’d love to hear them!


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