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I often feel like I’m waiting for that moment when I will become a “real mom.” Have you ever felt that way? I’m not exactly sure what a real mom is, I guess I liken it to my own mom. When are we going to have gourmet meals together (or even meals that everyone will even taste!), and I’ll have the house perfectly mostly clean, and I’ll actually know what I’m doing with raising these kids instead of trying different experiments to raise them, I’ll be a pro at homework and know all the right things to say. I’m sure if I were to say that to my mom she would also then think she wasn’t a real mom.

Every once in a while I will have an epiphany where I realize that I’m not going to just one day feel like a real mom, I have to make it happen. I also have to find my own definition that works for me and work on being that kind of real mom. I tend to think of myself as a 20-year-old college co-ed, and that could be part of my problem of not feeling like a real mom. Wake up Stefanie, your almost 30 and you graduated from college six years ago! How do I get my mind wrapped around the fact that I’m getting older, and this is the new norm? I have technically been a mom for six years, so can I please start feeling like it?

Please join me on my path to feeling like a real mom. Please share with me your ideas of what a real mom is. Together we can learn from each other and support each other and along the way succeed together! I would always love to hear your input, so leave your comments or email me at Makingofamom{at}gmail.com.




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