The Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure, Branson MO

Disclaimer: My family received discounted tickets to The Butterfly Palace for review purposes. All experiences and opinions are my own. Yours way differ.

When researching different family friend Branson attractions, The Butterfly Palace really stuck out to me. I knew my daughter would love it, and hoped that since a butterfly is an insect, it would also interested my 4 year old (we went on his birthday!)

The first thing I noticed when we walked in the front doors is that The Butterfly Palace is VERY accommodating. What do I mean by that? There were ramps to get you to each of the different levels in the building. We really appreciated this since we took our stroller into the building.


Inside The Butterfly Palace are several different activities to participate in. There is a cute gift shop. On the top level is a Banyan Tree Bungee Maze. This fun room simulates what it would be like to walk through the rainforest. There is a brown path to walk on through the “forest”. My kids loved this maze and went through it probably 10 times!


Also on the top level is a theater room where you can watch a movie about the migration of the Monarch. This 45 minute presentation is very interesting. We went in and lasted about 20 minutes before my 4 year old couldn’t be still anymore. The rest of us were very interested and sad to not see the rest of the movie.

The final exhibit on the top floor is the butterfly room! Here you go through several sets of double doors to get to the butterflies. They are very protective of the butterflies so make sure you close one set of doors before opening another. Once inside a docent told us the rules of the butterfly room:

  • Be careful where you walk, they like to land on the ground and it would be easy to step on them
  • The butterflies can touch you, but you can’t touch the butterflies


My kids (ok and my hubby too!) decided to become real explorers with a Pith helmet, binoculars and magnifying glasses. Get your cameras ready because this room is incredible! Not only are there a ton of beautifully colorful butterflies to capture on film, there are also birds and lovely exotic plants that might also catch your eye. Check out some of these photos of beautiful butterflies:















This butterfly room was very peaceful. Even though there were several other people inside, it was quite and calm. I really enjoyed the feeling that was in the room as hundred of butterflies flew freely around. I was really hoping a butterfly would land on me, but one never did. as a tip, when you visit wear a bright color, and perhaps a butterfly will land on you! We stayed in this room for over 30 minutes just soaking up the serenity and enjoying the beauty of nature.


Then we went downstairs where there was a room filled with reptiles and a mirror maze that was really fun. I went through the mirror maze with my family several times, and my kids went several more times on top of that. They had fun, but it is tricky and several times my kids ran into the mirrors thinking they were going the right way. It was very funny.

The Butterfly Palace definitely gets two thumbs up from our family. It was so much fun! We were there for about 2 1/2 hours. My kids loved it and I loved it!! We definitely want to go back the next time we are in town! A BIG thanks to the Butterfly museum for allowing us to come and review this very fun attraction!



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