Scholastic Printable Worksheets

Now that summer is quickly approaching I am starting to think about how to help my daughter keep up her school skills over the summer. I think it is definitely important to provide continually learning opportunities for our children during the summer. We do not want them to lose everything they have gained during the school year. I think that I will take a little time each day to work on school by printing out some Kindergarten printables as a review and some 2nd grade math worksheets as a … [Read more...]

Printable Worksheets

Having two children means a daily game of follow leader, except that no one knows we are playing this except my two year old. This is going on in your house too I bet! The youngest child copying the older children. In my case my two year old often wants to do exactly what my 6 year old is going. Now that she is in school, every once in a while we have homework to work on and spelling words to write. My 2 year old wants his own homework (bless his heart, he doesn't know how awful homework is!! … [Read more...]