Save Money on Your Heating Bill This Winter

Do you get a shock when you read your heating bill every winter? Now that
people don’t have the money to splash out and with the imminent arrival of
snow, what can you do to keep yourself warm without breaking the bank?
Here are 10 simple steps that will make you feel warm.

1- Keep all your doors closed. We often walk through doors and forget to
close them, letting all the warm air escape and the cold air enter.

2- Make use of any old blankets by cutting them into strips and placing them
under doors to stop drafts

3- Did you know that your chimney is the biggest draft in your home? When
the fire is not lit, you are letting all the cold air in and allowing the warm air
to leave. However, if you don’t want to light your fire and stay warm, you can
purchase a chimney balloon which will block the draft.

4- We all love to have a long hot shower when winter arrives. Invest in some
water-efficient products. Using a water-efficient shower head will not only
save you money on your water bill, but your heating bill too.

5- Putting some tin foil behind your radiator will prevent heat loss in your
home. The tin foil will reflect from the radiator back into your room, instead of
being lost through the wall.

6- Use the timer on your thermostat. For example, set the timer to switch off
when you’re at work and to be turned down when you’re asleep. This is one
the biggest ways to save on your heating bill.

7- Do you like to turn the heating up so you can walk around your home in
a t-shirt? This is one way to increase your heating bill. Wearing winter clothes
will keep you warmer and see your heating bill fall.

8- Blankets are something we all have plenty of but sadly underuse. Next
time you feel cold, wrap up in a blanket instead of turning the heating up – see
how much money you will save.

9- Do you remember when your science teacher told you heat rises?
Well they weren’t lying. If you have a ceiling fan in your home, place it on
low during the winter. The heat from your radiators will rise and the fan will
circulate the warm air around the room.

10- If you use oil heating, it is worth shopping around to find the best supplier
for you. Some suppliers are now selling Kleenburn Kerosene a low carbon heating oil
that uses less energy and ultimately saves you money.


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