Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – An Awesome Phone

Disclosure: I was sent the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to review for a month. All experiences and opinions are my own. Yours may differ. You can follow along at #VZWMidwest.



When it comes to smartphones, I’m relatively new to the scene. I didn’t get my first smartphone, which is a Samsung Galaxy S3, until this last July, so I’ve only had it for 5 months! I LOVE having a smartphone. It’s like a whole new world opened up to me.

Since I’m still a newbie with smartphones, I was very excited and a little intimidated to review the Samsung Note 3. Although we saw the Note in the store when we upgraded to our current phones, but we didn’t really consider it, so this was my first experience with the Note 3. When I first took the Note 3 out of the box I thought the HUGE size would be a problem for me. I found that it actually didn’t feel too different from my current phone. Talking on it felt the same. The difference was found when I was going out. I couldn’t stick it in my pocket, it was too big. I have to keep the phone in my purse when I’m not using it. That is a little bit of a draw back for me, but I know others don’t mind it.

The Note 3 brags a 5.7 inch full HD screen. The phone is light and very sleek.  My kids have enjoyed playing games on the “big phone” and I have enjoyed Netflix on the Note 3. Every time I look at the screen I am re-impressed. It is really gorgeous.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has some long battery life with a 3200 mAh battery. In addition to the battery saving my skin with a couple blogging projects this month, the hotspot saved me as well. Like other smartphones, the Note 3 can be used as a hotspot. We don’t use this feature on our current phones, so I had no idea how AWESOME it is! We were out and about  during a blog deadline and I was starting to panic about it. I just switched on the mobile hotspot, easily got my computer connected and everything was great. I admit it was a lot of fun to cruise in our car down the freeway while working on my laptop.

The camera on the Note 3 is super impressive. It boasts 13 megapixels and does a great job! I took a lot of photos with the Note 3 and of course they are lovely on the gorgeous screen (obsess much?) I  love that the phone has such a great camera – that makes catching special mommy moments easy. Chances are I will always have my phone with me, but not my camera so I’m glad to be able to capture those special moments on the phone and not miss out just because I didn’t bring my camera!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a fun little toy included with it in the S Pen. You can see it neatly tucked into the corner in the bottom left of the picture above.

A simple click of the S Pen™ button while hovering over the screen introduces you to Air Command, a palette of useful features that make performing tasks fast and easy.

Note-3-S-Pen My husband played around more with the S Pen then I did, but he thought it was a lot of fun. The thing he liked the most about the Pen is that you can see where it is pointing on the Note before you start working with it. There is a little dot that tracks the pen so you know what you are doing and where you are doing it.

I know the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has way more features and does way more things than I have done or even know about. This is definitely in the running for our next upgrade because we really enjoyed out time with the phone.

Do you have the Note 3? Is it on your phone wish list?


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