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I don’t know about you but I HATE planning dinner. For some reason it is such a burden to have to think of something new everyday, and make sure it isn’t something we had a couple days ago. And then something happened… my mind was BLOWN away! I recently learned about eMeals. Have you heard of this? eMeals is a simple solution to all your meal needs! Once you sign up for eMeals and choose your plan (just dinner, or you can add on breakfast and.or lunch) eMeals will plan you Weekly Dinner Menus with Matching Grocery List.

I signed up for the just dinner plan. Instantly I had two weeks worth of meal plans. My mind was blown away! eMeals provides everything from the shopping list, prices of the items (you pick which store you shop at), to the directions on how to make the meals. The fact that they have the prices is so helpful for our families grocery budget. The guess work is gone, we know how much our meals will cost for the week and can plan accordingly.

As I was browsing the meals they had planned for me I was very impressed with how healthy, yet tasty they were I <3 eMeals going to be. Every week I look forward to the email in my inbox telling me my next week of meals is ready. I cannot believe I haven’t heard of this before.  I will definitely be sharing my favorite recipes eMeals has planned for us!

Another fantastic thing about eMeals is that they take into account several different eating lifestyles. They have meal plans for vegetarians, gluten free, low fat, low carb, portion control and MANY, MANY others!

It’s time for you to Solve the Dinnertime Dilemma with eMeals Meal Planning .


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