Puzz Story!

The makers of Puzz Story ought to be proud! This is an awesome lesson in History! Their slogan is “The book, the puzzle, and the poster combine to form a new exciting educational product for children.”

This was so much fun my little children. At 4 and 6 they had a blast learning what all the puzzle pieces were called and liked looking at the “map” after it was all put together. I was actually surprised at how much they knew! They knew different dinosaurs, mammoths and saber tooth tiger, and when they say the sphinx, my littlest one yelled “Egypt!”

The story follows Tim as he travels through time learning about the different time periods, what happened, and why it’s important to us now. We travel from the Dinosaurs in the late Cretaceous period all the way to the Space Age and the first man on the moon.

As much as my little one learned from it I can only imagine how helpful it would be for a 4th or 5th grader (or even older). My kiddos won’t sit through the entire story, but an older kid would be able to glean a ton of information from the book.

I was very impressed not only with the educational part of it, but as a mom, I REALLY appreciate how sturdy it all is! The puzzle and book come in a very sturdy box, the pages of the book are very thick and glossy. The puzzle pieces are magnetic and very thick and durable. The poster has a handy blue rope to hang on the wall in the play room (since my kids are still little, we just propped it up on the floor) and it is also very sturdy. The illustrations on all of it are fantastic and kept their attention.  I LOVE when a children’s product is actually made for children!

This is a gem! You can purchase it through amazon.com   



  1. Suzie Williams says

    I learned that Puzz Story teaches chronology which is important because some schools do not teach that way.

  2. Lesley M. says

    I learned that the Puzz Story helps students understand what they are reading, by allowing for manipulation and critical thinking.

  3. Jessica Lodge says

    I love that the puzzle pieces are magnetic. This book seems like a really cool teaching tool.

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