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Having two children means a daily game of follow leader, except that no one knows we are playing this except my two year old. This is going on in your house too I bet! The youngest child copying the older children. In my case my two year old often wants to do exactly what my 6 year old is going. Now that she is in school, every once in a while we have homework to work on and spelling words to write. My 2 year old wants his own homework (bless his heart, he doesn’t know how awful homework is!! Keep that feeling kid!) I have found this website that offers printable worksheets for kids from pre-k to 8th grade! These worksheets can be used as part of the school curriculum, for homeschooling or as a compliment to what your children are doing in school. Now whenever my son wants his own homework I can print off one of the preschool lessons plans and let him get to work! Thanks to my older child, my youngest is super smart! It is so fun to have my kids teaching each other (good things of course… I have to thank my 6 year old for my two year old running around the house screaming “holy cow!”) Also, if my daughter ever feels like having homework (because she doesn’t get it very often) I can print her off some Kindergarten worksheets. Perhaps you want to check it out also and see if there are any printable sheets your kids would enjoy!?

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