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My degree from college is in Marriage, Family and Human Development. What that means is if I were to get my Master’s degree I could be a marriage and family therapist. Since I spent several college years talking about families and how to have a successful family one of the things I learned was that you need to be prepared for future events including having a will. My teachers also would stress that as soon as you have children it then becomes VITAL to have a will. Things should be in place for your children in case of an emergency or unexpected events.

There are several places these days for you to get a will drawn up, even websites will do this. It seems to be easier than ever so we don’t really have an excuse for not being prepared for this.

If you are in the great state of Texas there is a website that specifically wants to handle your texas last will and testament.  Each state has different laws regarding estate taxes and inheritance taxes so it is important that you do address your will specifically for the state you live in.

I remember when my Grandma died and her will dealt with all her money and her house but some of the big items in her house weren’t addressed. This left a little bit of debate with some of the siblings over who should get what. Another suggestion I would offer in preparing this document is to assign some of the big items you have or important family heirlooms to a specific person so there isn’t any question about it or quarreling after you are gone. Death is a stressful time and little things such as who gets what can bring on a wide range of emotions; not necessarily over the item itself but from the situation.

Regardless of the state you live in, preparing your will may be as easy as visiting a website. Do some research and figure it out before anything bad happens!


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