Popcorn Snowman – Making Olaf from #DisneyFrozen

I recently shared my favorite caramel popcorn recipe! From that caramel popcorn I made Olaf, the cute and hilarious snowman from Disney’s Frozen.



This is the picture I was copying:



Mind you it is very hard to work with popcorn and I had made the caramel really soft so that it would be yummy to eat for several days. I used this picture as a guide for piping chocolate limbs, eyes and buttons.



I used chocolate chips for the arms, legs, eyes, buttons and hair, and butterscotch chips for his nose. Once everything was piped I let it freeze for several hours. I knew it would be tricky getting his hairs to stand up so I made a little indent in the top of his head and filled it with frosting to help them stand up. I also frosted on the buttons, eyes, nose and the arm resting at his side. I then frosted his other arm to a skewer and shoved it through his body. The chocolate got soft very fast so I had to quickly get everything together and get the picture snapped! I also needed to use 4 marshmallows instead of 2 for his legs so that the bottom of the snowman wouldn’t fall apart!


If you were to let your caramel go past the soft ball stage your popcorn would hold up must better than mine. I was trying to make a cute Olaf while having soft popcorn which isn’t the best combo, but for your FROZEN party you just need cute so cook that caramel!! Check out Heidi and her darling tips for hosting a FROZEN themed party! Remember you can use these fun activities sheets that have crafts and mazes to use for your party.


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