Make some ‘Sweet’ Party Glasses


Today I am preparing for my New Year’s Eve party with some friends and their children. We don’t drink, but we like to have a good time. I thought it would be fun to jazz up our Martinelli’s with some sugar rimmed glasses. It’s easy, only involves two ingredients and has 2 steps!



Once you gather the supplies – glasses, a lemon sliced up, colored sugar – you are ready to being. Rub the lemon slice around the rim of the glass getting it fully wet with the juice. Dip the wet rim in the color sugar and move around to make sure it is fully coated. Shake of excess and set aside to dry.

These sweet glasses can be made a day or two in advance.

*NOTE: You can also use an orange or lime or any other ‘juicy’ fruit you desire. I prefer lemon.


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