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If your kids are anything like mine they like to impress people. There have been times when they have wanted to learn magic tricks to show off for people that come over, or over skype with family members. This magnetic magic kit from Ravensburger has been perfect for serving those purposes. It comes with all the making of 6 different activities or tricks to do. My daughter was amazed at some of the things she could do with magnets. My husband, the engineer, tried to explain the science behind it, but she was not interested!


Here they are making the top magnet hoover. It also bounces. My daughter was giddy with excitement at this discovery. I love that this toy from Ravensburger has science and learning  wound into all the fun it provides. There were several tricks with the magnets that my 3 1/2 year old could participate in even though the kit is recommended for ages 8+. This is a great kit, that would definitely be a great tool for an elementary science fair project… I’m thinking we are prepared for the science fair, in 3 more years!


Disclaimer: I was sent the above product free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Your opinion may differ.


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  1. annie page says

    we science projects have come along way from when my kids were young this experienment sound very educational for my grandkids i have 8 all different ages thanks


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