Happy New Year! Let’s Set Goals – Part 1

Happy New Year! I know this is only a couple of days late, but hey, that’s the way I roll. With the new year comes resolutions. I am not going to make resolutions this year because I will probably fail. As blog master John Chow puts it, “I personally do not believe in making new year’s resolutions because they’re too easy to break. I like to make clearly defined goals and then create a plan to get it.”

So with this new year comes a new set of goals. Some goals are personal to improve myself and my small business, others are goals for my husband and I to achieve together and the rest are for improvements on home and family.

I want to share a few of my goals with you so that I am then held accountable. I can’t sweep them under the table and pretend they didn’t exist because people know about them, therefore they exist!

First a few of my personal goals:

  1. Spend more quality time with my children. You’re probably thinking “hey lady you are already failing, stop blogging and go be with your kids!” Well it is nap time, so I’m free to spend it the way I want. I plan to be very consistent with this blog, but spend time on it when it is “my time” and not invade on the kids’ time.
  2. I’m with a large number of people, I am sure, in wanting to eat more healthy food, exercise and lose weight. I always want this, not just at the beginning of each year, but always. This year is different though, a few weeks ago I found out my brother-in-law is engaged and instead of being chubby in the immortal wedding photos, it’s time to lose a few pounds. I have until June! This goal is a bonus because it ends in June (not that I want to go back to old ways in June, but I will no longer have the stress of photos on my shoulders.) In John Chow fashion I need to get more specific, so the goal will be 10-15 pounds by June! PLEASE help me, any support, advise or words of encouragement along the way would be fantastic. If you also have this goal, let me know in the comment section, I would love to encourage you also!
  3. Grow this blog. I will be regularly updating it and I want it to grow. I want to have friends in the blogging community so we can support each other and share our ideas. You can’t have too many friends.

I won’t bore you with the things My husband and I plan to work on together.

Tomorrow I will share my home and family goals and perhaps we have some of the same goals!

What are some of your personal goals for the new year?

Update: Here is the link to my Goals Part 2.


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  1. Courtney Pack says

    I will join you on the first two! #1 for obvious reasons. And #2 for obvious reasons as well… But I also have a deadline of June, so I thought it would be fun to motivate each other. In fact, my friend and I are going to run together starting tomorrow. I’ll admit it, I’m terrified! But I’m also excited! (Especially when I tried to put on a skirt this morning that I haven’t worn in a while… and couldn’t zip it up. Always a self esteem crusher.) Here’s to getting healthy and making our kids feel special!


  1. […] some small goals from the information I gathered. This all seems so familiar from talking about goals earlier this year. I’m excited for you to see some of the things I will be implementing into […]

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