Jewelry Deals Under $1

I have often gotten requests for more jewelry on the blog! Well here ya go! Amazon has so many adorable jewelry items that are $1.00 and under! These are just a few of the cute items that I’ve found! Jewelry can make a great Christmas or Birthday gift or just a wonderful way to let a friend know you have been thinking about them!








Aren’t these unique? Pick up these Mustache Earrings for only $0.39!

octopus This cute Vintage Octopus Necklace is only $0.80!

owlnecklace This adorable Vintage Owl Necklace is only $0.63!

peacockclip Jewelry doesn’t always have to go on your fingers, ears, and neck! You can add this Peacock Jewelry Hair Clip to your accessories for only $0.99!

owlpendent Get a colorful little Owl Pendent and Chain for only $0.85!

peacock Another beautiful jewelry hair piece! You can get this Peacock Jewelry Crystal Hair Clip for only $0.91!

czearrings Grab these beautiful 2.00 Carat Cubic Zirconia Earrings for only $0.01!

peacockearrings Add these beautiful Peacock Earrings to your collection for only $0.98!

pinknecklace Get this beautiful Pink Sapphire Heart Shaped Necklace for only $0.01!


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