I See Me! Personalized Books Make a Meaningful Gift

Disclaimer: I received a sample product for review purposes. All experience and opinions are my own. Yours may differ.

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I LOVE personalized gifts. I think that buying a gift that allows you to add an extra touch of personalization drives home the point that you really care for that person. I was so excited when I See Me! asked if I would like to review one of their personalized books. My kids LOVE books, they love to be read too, they love to read to each other and I knew they would love being apart of the story!

After sending in all the information to personalize my book I received a copy of “My Very Own Pirate Tale“. My son LOVES pirates and I knew he would be shocked and excited to become apart of this story. We all gathered one evening to read this very special book.



In this particular story the Captain of the pirate ship is looking for a very special first mate. This first mate has a very special purpose. As you read in the book the letters of this special first mate’s name begin to appear. When each new letter appeared on page after page my son got more and more excited. He is 4 years old so it took him about 4 letters in his name to catch on that HE was the special first mate they were looking for. Once he understood what was happening, that he was the special first mate, the grin on his face was priceless. He was at first shocked, but then very pleased with himself. If you think your little one would enjoy this, I See Me! is offering 15% off on select Pirate Tale Products using coupon code PIRATE.



Besides personalized storybooks, I See Me! offers a large variety of items. They have a great back to school section that includes some very cute personalized lunch boxes, placemats and coloring books. I LOVE the lunch boxes because on the inside of the lid is a chalkboard so you can write your own personal message each day!



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You can sign up for I See Me! company promotions and company alerts here. It is also fun to follow along with I See Me! on Facebook and Twitter so you can be “in the know” about promotions, sales and contests going on! Their Pinterest page is also a great resource for all things books! Check out my Holiday Gift Guide review of this adorable lunch box!


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