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I was just looking over my hostgator stuff since they are the company through which I got my domain and noticed there was a page that let me create a coupon code! So if you decide to purchase a domain and start your blogging therapy like I have then use the coupon code makingofamom and you’ll get 25% off! Pretty awesome! Thanks Hostgator!


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  1. says

    Thanks for the coupon code. I have been going back and fourth about the idea of paying for hosting and setting up (I am currently, but bought my domain from them). I noticed you use wordpress. Do you like it? Straying away from seems a little daunting and scary (I am not that computer savy). Any tips or warnings?

    • Stefaniestefanie says

      I LOVE HostGator and my wordpress blog. It wasn’t that hard to set it all up, and I LOVE having my own dot com. The reason I wanted to have a dot com as opposed to being was so that companies would take me more seriously. Mommy blogs have a great influence in the world these days, and I want my opinion to count as well. I feel like there are a lot more opportunities when you take the plunge and because your own domain and independent. Also, hostgator has some great customer service, so you don’t have help from your friends you can call them and they are good at walking you through things! Good luck with whatever you decide! Let me know what you do!

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