Helping Your Children Develop Their Talents

It is important for our children to have confidence in themselves and their abilities. They need to feel like they are good at something in order to develop into happy, successful people. Chances are your children will excel in at least one subject at school and favor that subject.

In order to help our children develop their talents we need to pay attention to what they are excelling at. In school my daughter is very good at art, but she lacks skills in sports. Because of her lack of skill she doesn’t ever want to play sports and shies away from it when her friends want to play some game with a ball. We have tried to talk her into wanting to play sports but she would rather not.

Instead of focusing on playing sports and trying to improve her skills in that area we have decided to help her develop her talent for art. She feels happy because it is something she does well and feels confident doing. This summer when school is out and she will have a lot of free time I have found several art camps for her to attend. These art camps focus on different types of art and materials and should expand her knowledge and abilities. I look forward to her gaining experience and being excited to learn all these new techniques. All of these new things will help her confidence to grow as well as her talent for art.

Along with these art camps I have found one that will have arts and crafts but also some other skills like gymnastics. The plan is to introduce her to a new activity and see if she likes it and takes to it. After that camp we will ask her if she had fun doing gymnastics and perhaps she will find a new activity to pursue.

We also already know that she is good at dance. She was in a dance class for a couple of years when she was younger and was one of the best in her class. Now that we are getting settled it is time to start looking into dance classes here to get her started at that again! I love to help her find things that she excels at and watch her confidence grow!

With my two-year old son he is still young to be involved in any activities but we can observe him to see what he will be good at or want to try. We have noticed that for such a young child he is very good at throwing a ball. He has quite the arm! We will be signing him up for T-ball this fall and see how he likes it. I hope that by starting him young that we will be able to appropriately get him involved in activities that will increase him skill, find and develop his talents and start his confidence growing. A confident child is a happy child!

What are ways that you are helping develop your children’s talents? How have you discovered their talents?S



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