How to Make Glittery Easter Eggs

This year we got a jump start on decorating for Easter. I get the Martha Stewart Living magazine and got an idea from that magazine to glitter our eggs this year. In the magazine they are glittering real Easter eggs they have dyed, but I wanted to have my eggs last longer than a few days so we bought a ton of plastic eggs and I glittered those. It took trying out several methods, but I finally got it down to a science. Here’s how I did it (including my FAILED attempts so you can learn from my mistakes!)

Here is my supply list:

  • Styrofoam plates and bowls
  • Foam paint brush
  • straight pins
  • Toothpicks
  • several colors of glitter
  • glue (I used mod podge)
  • plastic Easter eggs of varied colors
  • spray mod podge acrylic sealer (this is a good investment because we will be doing several crafts using this!)
  • Glitter tools (optional, but REALLY helped me and save me time! Only $3.12 on

First I made a spot for the gluey, glittery eggs to dry. I had some Styrofoam plates and bowls on hand which ended up being perfect. I pushed some straight pins into the Styrafoam about a half inch apart to make a stand of sorts for the eggs to dry on (I didn’t have very many pins so I could only squeeze about 3 eggs on my pin dry rack).

In the beginning I was painting glue on half the egg and sprinkling it with glitter, letting it dry and doing the other half. That was taking way too long and I didn’t have the patience to let it really dry. so I started getting messy. I painted the whole egg (yes I got gluey) and then would spoon the glitter over the top of it (yes I got glittery) but it sped up the whole process.

Once the entire egg was glittered I would put it on the bed of pins to dry. Once the eggs were dry I  put them on a toothpick or skewer take them outside and spray them with the mod podgeacrylic sealer. This step is VITAL in ensuring your eggs will last for years. The mod podge spray puts a shiny coat of protection on the eggs, so the glitter won’t come off as easily and offers some protection since they will be on top of each other.

Overall this was a pretty simple craft, but very time consuming. Wait for the glue to dry and the mod podge spray to dry took some time, but while you wait you can be playing with kids, cleaning, sleep or whatever you need to get done. I LOVE the finished product and think it looks darling on my table!


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