Free Valentine Printables

I love giving Valentines out.  Is that wierd after 30 years?  I love Red, Pink and White, I love chocolate and I just love Valentine’s Day!  In honor of my favorite holiday!  I have created two free printables over at  Head over and use one, two or more for your loves.  You can also use the free printables from last year!!

valentine chalkboard

Find this one and another new one here…oh and follow powder point designs on facebook to get one more before Valentine’s Day!

1. Display one as decor in your home

2. Hand one to your spouse

3. Stick one on your child’s favorite treat

4. Scatter them on the table during Valentines breakfast lunch or dinner.

5. Tape them to doors in your house!

6. Hide one in a lunch bag or backpack.

7. Cut one into pieces and make a fun Valentines Day Puzzle

8.  Mail one to a distant relative

9. Print two and make a Valentine Memory Game

10. Hang them on string and make cute valentine garland.

Remember there are personalized Valentine gifts over at Powderpointdesigns on etsy.  Give a unique and thoughtful gift to the one you love!


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