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Disclosure: I received a free product sample for review in my Holiday Gift Guide. All experiences and opinions are my own. Yours may differ.



It recently came to my attention that my kids have a low work ethic. We had just purchased some items at Target. My recently potty trained kid needed to use the potty so my husband took him. My baby was having a meltdown so I was trying to help him be quiet. My  8 year old wasn’t doing anything so I asked her to carry the bags to the car. As soon as my husband was done helping my son with the bathroom they joined us and we began to walk to the car. My 8 year old then tried to get my husband to hold the bags. I snapped at her and told her she needed to be a big helper and carry the bags. She proceeded to whine about carrying the bags all of the way to the car. REALLY? Right then and there I decided we were going to have an all day Saturday work day.

Their usual jobs include emptying the dishwasher, clearing the table, cleaning their rooms and bathroom. There is usually a lot of whining associated with each of those jobs, which of course, is frustrating, BUT whining about helping carry the Target bags to the car pushed us over the edge! Since we were going to be cleaning all day I decided to bust out my HomeRight SteamMachine to get an even better clean with 99% of germs and bacteria killed!



We started our cleaning day in the basement and worked our way up. Once we hit the kitchen it was time for the SteamMachine to shine!  My oven was really dirty with baked on grime. We bought our house as a foreclosure and cleaned it as best we could when we moved in, but the oven I couldn’t ever get sparkling clean.

The SteamMachine comes with several attachment heads for cleaning different surfaces. At first I was using the nylon brush because I didn’t want to scratch the inside of the oven but it soon became clear that the oven would be able to handle the brass brush! Once I made the adjustment, the magic started to happen. Although I still needed to apply some elbow grease to the oven window, I was able to get all of the sticky grime OFF!! For the inside of the oven – that was a different story. I started at the top and let the stem trickle down. It was so easy to get all the baked on grime, splashes and food off of the oven walls and bottom. Look how pretty it now is in the top picture!

Let me tell you about the attachments.

SteamMachine included in box


  • Squeegee is excellent for cleaning shower doors, windows, walls, fireplaces – basically anything flat. You can also remove the rubber lip to steam clothes and for killing dust mites in mattresses!
  • Jet Nozzle is perfect for sanitizing bathroom faucets, kitchen fixtures and other hard to reach places. Like the name implies it is a jet stream of steam, so be careful!
  • Nylon Brush is for hard to reach places as well, though since it is wide it can’t get into tight places. At an angle you can brush some hard to reach places. It also won’t scratch things so it is perfect for things you are worried about.
  • Brass Brush is amazing! It can be used to remove grease and grime on grills and ovens. It worked like a charm for my oven. I can’t wait until the weather warms up and I can get scrubbing on the grill!
  • Large Cleaning Brush with cleaning cloth can be used on marble and granite countertops. Also, ceramic tile, vinyl and laminate floors. Since the machine is equipped with wheels it is easy to use it as a steam mop.

Can you tell from the attachments how versatile this SteamMachine is? You can really clean your entire house with this thing. I love it so much. I hadn’t ever heard of a SteamMachine before receiving this to review and so I was a little nervous about using it. After it made my oven look brand new I am HomeRight’s biggest fan! I love this SteamMachine.

If you visit the HomeRight website you can see where you are able to buy the SteamMachine in stores, online and directly from there site! The SteamMachine retails for $99.99. I think this would make an amazing gift – especially if you were to use it to clean the person’s house you are giving it to. :) I would have loved to receive it as a gift! With the SteamMachine you can kill 99% of germ and bacteria making it my new #1 cleaning tool. Happy Steaming!



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