Rainbow Windsock – 12 Days of St. Patrick’s Day


We love all of the colorful rainbow and green recipes and crafts that come around during St. Patrick's Day.  This Rainbow Mobile (or Windsock) craft from The Neighborhood Moms is a super easy (and cheap!) craft that you can do with the kids.  Hang it up inside or out and spread a bit of the St. Patty cheer!  Click here for the instructions! Be sure to also visit our other 12 Days of St. Patrick's Day posts below! … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Use Duct Tape


There seems to be this ongoing joke that duct tape can fix anything. Well the truth is, it is pretty handy to have when you are in a pinch. Duct tape can practical for many tasks around the home, garage, and office; you just need to know how to use it. Take a look below at 10 ways to use duct tape and brush up on your duct tape knowledge. You might just find that you never want to be stuck without it again! 1. Repair a hole. Duct tape offers a temporary fix for holes in air mattresses and … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day Crossword Puzzle Printable

crossword st patty-small

  My kids love it when I get really into holidays. I try to spread the celebrations out so that it builds the excitement for the holiday that is coming. Today I have a St. Patrick's Day crossword puzzle for you to print for your kids. The questions are easy enough that it can be completed by elementary school kids (my Kindergarten, however, couldn't answer most). Don't miss our other St. Patrick's Day printables, treats and crafts! … [Read more...]

Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Printable Banner


This is such a happy time of year! It's time to pack away the hearts and get out the lucky four leaf clovers. It also is the season of beautiful bright colors signaling the beginning of Spring! I love offering you all free printables! I have for you today a FREE 'Lucky' printable banner to help decorate your home or classroom for St. Patrick's Day! Just open the printable banner pdf and print! On the printable are directions for attaching the pendants to string or twine. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Fun Snack Time with Honey Maid Go Bites


Do your kids love to play with their food and then eat it? Normally this is a behavior that I discourage at our dinner table, but when it comes to snack time, why not? When the kids are out of school, or when they get home from school I like to have wholesome, delicious snacks for them to have. If I'm able to combine snack time with play time, then I'm basically "Mom of the Year!" Honey Maid Go Bites are the perfect snack for kids because they are made with 7g of whole grains, 5g of protein … [Read more...]

You Brighten My Day Valentine Card


Sometimes a Valentine's Day card doesn't have a play on words (like our Starburst or Airheads cards) with the candy at all. Sometimes the color of the candy offers the inspiration. Perfectly yellow, little drops of sunshine inspired our "You Brighten My Day" Valentine card. These cute handouts will be for my son's Kindergarten class. Let me tell you, once I got this idea in my head, it was HARD to find little boxes of Lemonheads. So, I'll save you the trouble. They are at Old Time Candy … [Read more...]

Love is in the ‘Air’ Valentine Card


Ever year we try to think of cute, creative and clever Valentine's to make our children for their school parties. My husband and I look at the candy available and then think of cheesy sayings and designs to put them on. This year, my daughter is getting a heart card with an Airhead to pass out to her classmates. Here is the design we came up with This cute file includes the front of the heart with the words cut out and the back of the heart which is just a solid heart. The cut file … [Read more...]

How to Build a Stadium of Snacks with RedGold Tomatoes


Taking inspirations from stadiums around the country (and our own imaginations) my husband and I set out to come up with a fun way to present snacks to party guests and game day watchers. Ingredients: Chips (of varying colors, if you want to spell out your city name or initials) RedGold Salsa RedGoldTomatoes Guacamole Directions: First , we've made it very easy for you to have your own "chip stands" with this:   We used 2 sheets of cardstock, one for the … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Treat Jar


With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it is time to start getting crafty! Take a peek below at how to make your own Valentine’s Day treat jar, perfect for holding Valentine’s Day candy, snacks, straws, flowers, and more. The options are endless. Give the easy to follow instructions below a try and see how easy it can be to craft this Valentine’s Day season! Supplies needed: Large canning jar Two patterns of Valentine’s Day themed craft paper (hearts, polka dots, etc.) Foam crafting … [Read more...]

10 Creative Uses for Conversation Hearts


Candy conversation hearts are all the rage during the Valentine’s Day season. Not only are they colorful and fun, but they are an inexpensive treat too. If you are looking for fun ways to use these tiny hearts, give these 10 creative uses for conversation hearts a try. You will never look at these candy hearts the same way again. 1. Play a sorting game. Help little ones learn their colors when you play the candy hearts sorting game. Take baking cups and place one heart on the inside of each. … [Read more...]

10 Creative Uses for Old Neckties


Do you have a stash of old neckties in a drawer? Or perhaps you found some colorful ones at a yard sale or thrift store. Whatever the case may be, if you aren’t going to wear them, you might be wondering what to do with them. Take a look below at a fun list of 10 creative uses for old neckties that you can try. Once you read this list, you will never look at old neckties the same way again! 1. Wrap a wreath. Find some colorful old ties and wrap them around a foam wreath form. Just add a dab … [Read more...]

DIY No Sew Felt Christmas Tree Garland


Christmas is right around the corner and there are so many fun and creative projects you can do with the kids to decorate your home.  This weekend I decided to make some adorable Felt Christmas Trees and make a garland to hang from our mantle.  Nothing says Christmas like a decorated mantle and best of all there is no sewing required for this project.  This is perfect for little kids to help out and the entire project took about 20 minutes from start to finish.  How awesome is that? Supplies … [Read more...]

Two-buck Christmas Decor!

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I love crafts!  I always try to use thing I have around the house to create something new to add to my holiday decor!  I recently painted a table in my living room and I am trying to add accent colors around the room.  As I was visiting the dollar tree I came across these lovely Christmas tree ornaments. I immediately had a plan for removing my not so favorite pieces and making it into something that would fit my style and room decor!  This project is not only cheap but it is quick too!  Two of … [Read more...]

DIY Roadway


I received a product for review purposes. All opinions are my own. My kids love tracks. Whether it's a train table, a carpet car track, a plastic race track or a homemade roadway, my kids love it! When they came home from school and I told them our activity was going to be making a homemade roadway they got very excited! First, gather the supplies you need. We used a cardboard sheet, construction paper, Classic road series tape from Inroad Toys, and accessories from our train table (you can … [Read more...]

Superhero Shirt Tutorial


  Kids love pretend play. Since they can't wear costumes to school, there is a way to help them look and feel like superheroes, without going overboard.  Here is a little tutorial on how to make some 'super' shirts. Super Shirts Our two kids came home from school on Friday and said that Monday was 'Marvel Monday' which meant that the students could wear some kind of super hero apparel to school that day. We have a few super hero costumes around the house but we thought that it … [Read more...]