10 Creative Uses for Old Neckties


Do you have a stash of old neckties in a drawer? Or perhaps you found some colorful ones at a yard sale or thrift store. Whatever the case may be, if you aren’t going to wear them, you might be wondering what to do with them. Take a look below at a fun list of 10 creative uses for old neckties that you can try. Once you read this list, you will never look at old neckties the same way again! 1. Wrap a wreath. Find some colorful old ties and wrap them around a foam wreath form. Just add a dab … [Read more...]

DIY No Sew Felt Christmas Tree Garland


Christmas is right around the corner and there are so many fun and creative projects you can do with the kids to decorate your home.  This weekend I decided to make some adorable Felt Christmas Trees and make a garland to hang from our mantle.  Nothing says Christmas like a decorated mantle and best of all there is no sewing required for this project.  This is perfect for little kids to help out and the entire project took about 20 minutes from start to finish.  How awesome is that? Supplies … [Read more...]

Two-buck Christmas Decor!

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I love crafts!  I always try to use thing I have around the house to create something new to add to my holiday decor!  I recently painted a table in my living room and I am trying to add accent colors around the room.  As I was visiting the dollar tree I came across these lovely Christmas tree ornaments. I immediately had a plan for removing my not so favorite pieces and making it into something that would fit my style and room decor!  This project is not only cheap but it is quick too!  Two of … [Read more...]

DIY Roadway


I received a product for review purposes. All opinions are my own. My kids love tracks. Whether it's a train table, a carpet car track, a plastic race track or a homemade roadway, my kids love it! When they came home from school and I told them our activity was going to be making a homemade roadway they got very excited! First, gather the supplies you need. We used a cardboard sheet, construction paper, Classic road series tape from Inroad Toys, and accessories from our train table (you can … [Read more...]

Superhero Shirt Tutorial


  Kids love pretend play. Since they can't wear costumes to school, there is a way to help them look and feel like superheroes, without going overboard.  Here is a little tutorial on how to make some 'super' shirts. Super Shirts Our two kids came home from school on Friday and said that Monday was 'Marvel Monday' which meant that the students could wear some kind of super hero apparel to school that day. We have a few super hero costumes around the house but we thought that it … [Read more...]

Chalkboard Pumpkin Craft


I am always up for a fun project- especially one that is fun, simple and quick!  I had one of these mini wooden crates lying around and thought I would make a little pumpkin/candy dish out of it.  Heres what you need.  A wooden crate- any size would do.  In fact a large one could be made into a pumpkin with its bottom on the surface and using a side or both sides as the pumpkin.  Since I had a small one I decided to use it on its side instead of its base.  I have seen these for really cheap … [Read more...]

DIY Dress Up: Construction Worker

DIY: Dress up - Constuction Worker with vest, tool belt and hard hat

This is DIY Dress up #2 - the Construction Worker (Check out #1). In this set we have: Construction Worker vest Construction hard hat Tool belt Construction Worker vest We picked up a Construction vest at our local JoAnn craft store and decided to accessorize the "Construction Worker" with some easy DIY crafts. A Construction Worker uses a lot of tools to get the job done, and where does he keep those tools? In a tool belt! Tool Belt I say this in every heat transfer … [Read more...]

Our Boxtroll for the #BuildABoxtrollSweeps


I've told you twice about The Boxtroll sweepstakes going on right now. Now I reveal The Boxtroll my family made! We got together an old box, brown paper, a tin can, tape, glue and crayons. Our Boxtroll is pretty self explanatory with a covered box and a can for a head. My kids had fun designing our Boxtroll's face and gluing it on the can. We had a fun night full of laughs building this little guy who we have named Handy. If you want to gather your family together and build a Boxtroll you … [Read more...]

Get Crafting at a Discount with Blitsy


This post brought to you by Blitsy. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Making of a Mom. I love to make crafts. Notice I didn't say I am necessarily good at it, but I like doing it. It is therapeutic to me. I prefer having someone else's work to copy because I lack the confidence to just strike out and do it on my own. When I have done that I have come back with weird crafts not quite suitable to display. Since I love to craft, but maybe waste some of my supplies it's … [Read more...]

Building Our Boxtroll for the #BuildABoxtrollSweeps


Remember earlier when I told you about the fun #BuildABoxtrollSweeps? Well my family decided to take the challenge and build a Boxtroll. These are the supplies we gathered to get our troll off the ground. You can just look around your house for things you have on hand to build your own Boxtroll.   We got the kids together and asked what the Boxtroll should look like. My daughter wanted to come up with his face. She drew it and colored it and was in charge of putting it together. … [Read more...]

Back to School with Silhouette – August Sale


It's my favorite time of the month when Silhouette America has it's great sale! This month there are some fun items included in the bundles! Portrait Bundle: Silhouette Portrait Chipboard Printable Silver Foil Printable Gold Foil Printable White Sticker Paper Printable Clear Sticker Paper Printable Cotton Canvas Adhesive Washi Sheets Sketch Pens Basic Pack SALE $149.99 CAMEO Bundle Silhouette CAMEO Chipboard Printable Silver Foil Printable Gold Foil Printable White Sticker … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Use Tissue Paper to Entertain Your Kids


Do you have a kid (or two, or three) that is just as content to play with a box or empty paper towel roll as they are to play with a top of the line toy? A kid who can invent a million games and make believes inspired by a mound of dirt? (Were you that kid?) Although toy and game makers continually create inventive products to stimulate and captivate our children’s minds and imaginations, there’s something to be said for simple crafts and games you can create at home. Next time it’s … [Read more...]

4 Easy Steps to Cutting on the Silhouette

4 easy to steps to cutting out your project on a Silhouette cutting machine

So you've created a wonderful masterpiece in Silhouette Studio but some how you have to make that picture on your computer come out of your Silhouette machine. Here are the 4 easy step to get your project from digital to actual.   1. Set your cut settings 2. Print out your project 3. Load the machine 4. Send your project to the Silhouette   Cut Settings, make sure you have cut lines for everything that needs to be cut out. … [Read more...]

No Sew Flag Onesie


For this cute project I decided to combine a pinterest inspiration with the desire to send my newest niece a present and BAM, out came the No Sew Flag Onesie (of course you can adapt this into a shirt). What you need: Onesie (or shirt) Red rick rack Blue and white polka dot ribbon Fabric Glue Directions: Since you may be using a different size onesie or shirt than I did, the best advice is to eye-ball how big you want the flag. Cut two shorter length of rick rack and 3 longer … [Read more...]

DIY Dress Up: Mailman

DIY: Dress up - Mailman with a vest, mailbag and letters

At our house I have one daughter and two sons, yet we have a TON of girl dress up clothes and not so many boy dress up clothes! I decided to change that! Get ready for a 5 series post on simple DIY boy's dress up outfits. Here's a DIY Mailman Dress up outfit. In this set we have: Mailman vest Mail bag Letters Mailman vest We picked up a Mailman vest at our local JoAnn craft store and decided to accessorize the "Mailman" with some easy DIY crafts. No Mailman is complete … [Read more...]