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Now it is my (Stefanie) turn for a book review. Just as Johanna reviewed her favorite Shannon Hale novels, I’m going to review some of my favorites from Deeanne Gist.

I was first introduced to Deeanne Gist novels from a friend who sent me one of her novels for my birthday. She hadn’t read it, but new it was a style I would like, meaning it was a clean, innocent romance novel! This first book was called A Bride Most Begrudging. I enjoyed this book. I have since noticed a lot of her books are similar. Set in the early 1900’s, often a woman not meaning to become someone’s bride, does becomes someone’s bride, but love wins in the end. I love a happy ending!

Not wanting to read the same story over and over again, but knowing
Deaanne Gist was a safe author for me to continue to read I tried another book called Maid to Match. It sounded like it had a fun plot line, a house maid up for the promotion of hers life has to struggle from falling in love with another worker and from being involved in a scandal that would ruin her career! Really cute book, I LOVED it!!

Then one day I was at the library looking over my choices and saw a book titled Beguiled. I read the back of the book looking for a plot synopsis and found that in this novel Deeanne Gist had teamed up with a coworker who normally writes suspense novels to combine their styles into a romantic thriller! Not usually my style, but I was very interested. I’m so glad I picked up that book because I LOVED it and really, REALLY recommend everyone reading it! It was awesome!

Deeanne Gist has several other novels, but for new these are the ones that I have read and liked!! If you decide to give them a read let me know how you liked them!! These books and others that Johanna and I recommend are available to purchase through any of the links in the post, or through Our Recommendations page.


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