Animals Aboard – A New Thomas Movie

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this movie for review purposes. All opinions and experiences are my own. Yours may differ.



Join Thomas and his friends for some animal adventures in Animals Aboard. This cute animal themed DVD features these episodes:

  • “Percy’s New Friends”  
  •  “Thomas and the Pigs”                     
  •  “Henry’s Good Deeds”                     
  •   “Thomas’ Tall Friend”                        
  •   “Buzzy Bees”  

Each of these episodes includes some animal friend. I loved watching this with my kids because they love animals so much, it was fun to have them be excited with each new friend!

All aboard as Thomas and his engine friends embark on exciting adventures with some new furry friends! Percy learns to be gentle when meeting some small forest friends and Thomas goes hog-wild trying to be Really Useful for Farmer Trotter. Henry performs a sweet deed in returning Sodor’s special songbird and Thomas must fulfill a tall order when he is asked to deliver the newest animal to Sodor’s Wildlife Center. The engines are busy as bees being Really Useful and helping animals big and small.

This DVD is exclusively at Target starting September 10.                


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